Saturday, March 22, 2014

An Attempt at Cozy :))

So I have been trying to make a sewing machine cozy this week :D 

It was a great opportunity to use some of my favorite fabrics which are just lying around the house :D

And so I began. I spent quite a lot of time choosing the fabric and measuring them and repeating some parts where I made the wrong measurements and destitching wrong parts and such, until I was able to sort of finish the pockets for the sides of the cozy, which I think I already mentioned previously :D 

Then, as of yesterday, I was able to do at least the surface of the cozy XD

My measurements are a bit bigger than they should be, but I am still happy that the sewing machine now has some kind of nice dress :)) I have yet to sew in the lining, which I will probably do tomorrow some time in the afternoon :3 

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