Saturday, March 8, 2014

Art and Cake and Such

The past couple of days has been quite full and busy in a fun, wonderful way, with art and cake and such :3 *sparkles*

The art-part was all about launching my Pretty-and-Odd Art Sale, at least the first ten of the pieces, while responding to overwhelmingly numerous birthday greetings :D I did not expect quite so many considering that I have practically been close to being a hikikomori for the past couple of weeks and have hardly spoken or interacted to not more than ten people for months. Anyway it was great hearing from many people especially some friends :3

Now the CAKE part has begun even before my birthday came, mixed with some art-parts too. Thursday, my sister and I met up with our friend Midge for Chinese lunch, and coffee and CAKES in a European place. 

We had this addictive cake trio plus a fourth cake I was not able to take a photo of XD

After over four hours of conversation, Midge had to go ahead to take care of something, and my sister and I still had to stay behind to check out some art supplies, and to go to another place to get big canvases and other art supplies. I was such an obaachan that after walking for a long time my hip started to hurt a bit so we went home for our late dinner XD We all had so much fun although we all admitted feeling a bit strange being Outside Of The House and seeing so many People :)) 

But it was really great hanging out with Midge because she is one of our friends who is so easy to talk to and to make decisions with and to spend hours with, and she just easily gets what we are talking about, and she is such a light, fun companion, and it is so comfortable just being our odd selves with her. Personally I think it was one of the highlights of last year, getting in touch with her again. We've been friends since college but we had not been in touch for a long time after that, but when we met up again last year it was like we just picked up where we left off years before. Anyway I think it is great to have friends around you who share your values, who are clear with what they want and believe in, who are forthcoming enough, and who are receptive to you. 

So, yesterday came, and there were more art-things and even more CAKE at home, and I spent my day in a sort of quietly and peacefully happy way. I felt so much like an obaachan but I realize that I really liked spending such an occasion in a calmly happy and quietly cheerful manner. In the evening my sister and I went out for Thai dinner and checked out a coffee place we've never been to, where I had the most perfect cappuccino ever, so perfect I drank it without adding any sugar. 

Today I intend to spend the day just resting and reading and such. The weather is really great, and I am quite looking forward to being immersed more and more into the summer. 


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