Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Phantom Peach

Like suddenly, I was not there :))

Anyway, in the realm of things where I do exist, I have been busy doing art-things; pricing, packaging, recording, organizing, listing, and doing warmups for commissions. 

Some of the pieces for sale in the Pretty and Odd Art sale

Warmup for a commission, to be placed in a Japanese home :3 

Today I shall get back to practising my sewing with a machine. I decided to add more hours to the things I really want to do. 

The sales for this month's art sale is not picking up yet, but I am quite excited about the commissions that I am getting. Later on, I shall probably try selling my artwork through other means, since there are hardly any of my tribe where I do now. Time to expand. Get out of the pond. Wake up from slumber. 

Speaking of Getting Out of Ponds, I am somewhat disappointed and a bit more surprised than I thought about how some things turned out lately. I guess one can never be too careful about choosing friends and whom to be associated with and for what reasons. In any case, since I am in deep dark waters anyway, might as well become a diver and move forward and upward to the surface. Better be misinterpreted while in movement than be misinterpreted while in a state of anxious inertia. Besides, I am set to be a solo traveler than have convenient arrangements as a court jester. 

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