Tuesday, April 22, 2014

And Then There Is Order

Today has been busy as usual, but it is a varied kind of busy-ness :3 There were chores of cleaning glass panes and finishing a writing job and then there was organizing the shelf of sewing and crafting materials. 

It always feels great when I organize and clean up things because it is so grounding and it really does take my mind off things. 

I intend to have a full, busy day again tomorrow, but perhaps more hours will go into the writing and then about a couple more into the whole organizing-the-craft-shelf. I realize that being around many different people recently and being more deeply involved in my day-to-day can work wonders with my spirit. I have also been doing my best to follow the counsel of my runes. Sometimes things get a bit puzzling and frightening and frustrating, but I can only do my best to get by and make the most out of each moment. And trust in the way of things.  

I guess I would much rather be tired by daily tasks and hours of drawing, painting, and crafting than be drained and exhausted by questions and my innate resistance to ambiguity. However I can only make use of what is available to me and live alongside the other things even if I am not quite sure what they are there for. Moving forward, I can only do my best and trust in the way of things. 

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