Tuesday, April 1, 2014

At the Offline Garage with Fresh Air on a Sunny Sunny Day

Recently I decided to spend one entire daytime offline, except for the part when I had to submit work online first thing in the morning. With the car out, I set up a cozy nook on a tiny portion of the garage and spent most of the day reading, gaming, listening to the leaves, and watching the day go by. It was quite nice, actually, and though I was expecting I would want to take a nap because of All That Wind, the truth is, I was wide awake and drinking in all of the daytime lovelies. 

Oh so this is what mornings look like from outside the house. And what it smells like. I think it is lovely. And I realized there are more leaf-sounds here than from the balcony of the bedroom. And just as much bird-sounds. And because I did not bring my iPod with me there were no Narasaki or Tsutchie sounds and all I had were the birds and the leaves and I think it was fantastic in a different way. I did not even mind noisy passersby. 

Sunny. The heat is lovely. I could not concentrate for a while because I felt like a shining thing and I am not sure if shining things concentrate or distract those concentrating. Why did that make me think of the glint of certain objects but we will not go there. 

These days I feel like I can live by water alone. And it is not even connected to the summer. There are things stealing my appetite, but I do not really mind, except that people seem a bit unsettled that I can hardly finish what they've been feeding me, and that is unusual. But, I had bacon this morning and I think that is remarkable compared to the half-glasses of juice I have been choosing to have for breakfast lately. Maybe it is all just unusual but not really a bad thing. Right? :)) 

Video games and ice cream because how perfect can things be. By the way I have finished this game as of last night. This means I am making a progress in breaking a bad habit of starting many games and never finishing them. This time, I have really, really finished The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Just the rest of the unfinished Zelda games to go :)) 

I tried enticing the birds to come to the garage, but they won't XD I guess our bond is better when I am in the balcony. I come out to water the plants, and that has become a signal to the birds that I will be scattering bird seeds in a short while, so they start flying in one by one, keeping at a safe distance on the tree beyond the edge of the balcony. But here, in the garage, no one came :)) 

Summers kind of mean mangoes, and the tree across already has a number of them. I wish we had a tree in our own backyard, a tree this big, so I can climb it. 

The afternoon has a different look. I have just realized how it looks like here after seeing it from right outside the house. The afternoons sometimes smell like the sea. And there is something about quiet afternoons that reminds us to let go. 

I read the rest of the bright afternoon away, and I believe I must finish this soon so I can cut down to reading just four books at one time instead of eight. Doing the latter slows down everything else. Anyway, this book, for me, is what I can relate to most in the Jane Austen books, not even Pride and Prejudice, although I am not really a Mr. Darcy fan. I love Catherine Morland and Henry Tilney. HENRY TILNEY. *fangirl screams* And I have had Thorpe companions, both male and female versions, and now I am thankul to have grown enough to be able to avoid them like the plague or at least know how to firmly yet nicely decline their insistent presence in my life. And then I like how Catherine Morland and I (yes I included myself) learn so much from the things that Henry Tilney says. YAY for smart, kind, well-mannered men who know what they want and who say the most sensible things but are also funny and witty enough to excite the imagination. YAY for Tilneys :)

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