Friday, April 4, 2014


This post is late, but I have been quite busy with work and art and Happy-Grounded-Warm-Cozy-Wonderful Times, so anyway here it is, while I am finishing my coffee before I get back to the day's tasks.

Last Sunday a friend came by for a last goodbye, since he is going back home to Japan on the last day of March. He has been very familiar with the entire household, and brought us coffee and muffins for a last couple of hours of catching up (had not seen him for over a month prior to his last visit). He also made sure to pick up the artwork he requested for. He did not ask for any particular image, but just mentioned that it has to have a local touch, and it should not be some typical scenery of a rice field or a beach. Initially I thought of drawing a sorbetes cart, with cute, chibi versions of local aswangs gathering around it to share ice cream, but I guess that was a bit too odd, then I remembered that he has always dreamed of riding a carabao, so I just drew that instead :D

Masarap na Pangarap / Oishii Yume (2014)

It was an amusing scene when he arrived, arms full of things he brought, including this plant which he has turned over to our care :D

Well hello Plant and welcome to your new home :D

So for him were the artwork he ordered and a tiny present we got for him~ 

An artwork and a tiny present. 

We gave him a personal seal set with the first letter of his last name, and we think he was quite moved by it so we were happy about it (^__^) 

A personal seal set! It is pretty much like what I got last Christmas, except this one is bigger and more suitable for a gentleman :)

He gave me and my sister pens, with our names on it. I totally love mine with its shades of Tardis blue. 

A new fountain pen to join my others. This one though has a fine nib; the other ones I have have medium ones. It is my first fine nib pen :) 

And there is my name (^__^)

Everyone had brave, cheerful smiles on, although we knew we were all quite moved by the past couple of years we have become good friends, and by the reality of having to say goodbye now. I also feel especially moved by the fact that this friend of mine never paid a single attention to some empty noises that were going around in our common circles. Anyway he is now safely back in Japan, and we hope to see him again when he visits. Better yet, we would like to see him there when WE visit XD 

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