Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Currently taking a break from work, and I came cross some photos from a trip to Japan years ago. Sharing some random ones :3

Where I spent most of the working days. 

One of my lunches.

During a visit to Yokohama. I am not sure if I was at the Sky Garden or in our Yokohama office. 

I like this steampunk part of Disneyland. Reminded me of sphere centurions and those places near Balmora that I cannot pronounce :))

Buildings. Basically my view from the apartment window. 

On my way to the station. 

Before getting into the temple.

Nighttime walk :)


Getting somewhat lost in Ueno :D

Yoshinoya :3

Things I chugged down all day in the office. The Meiji drink won first place.

My oasis.

Crows were practically everywhere and I liked it. 

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