Thursday, April 24, 2014


I came across this image that I put together last year, and the funny thing is that on this day last year, I blogged about this exact same image :3

And once again, just like last year's post, it seems somewhat bipolar to write about dreadful decisions just right before and then suddenly, Love :)) Oh but then, see, in order to make way for the real things I have to take the right steps. It still weighs heavily upon me, even and especially now that I am feeling and sensing certain things that seem to support my decision to take that course of action. In any case, I need to be still for now and gather my selves, until it is time. I do not know when that would be, but I would, when it is time. I hope I would still be brave enough. I hope. I hope that hope never leaves me. Or has it? What I need now are more truths and good signs and total sincerity. Not just words said just to sort of make me feel better. 

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