Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On This Day in 2010: Playing with Mihara Jun

I realize that on this day in 2010, I had Way Too Much Time that I spent much of it playing with Junko (whom I initially called Mihara-san when we first met, and then Mihara-kun because for a while I got confused with her shorter name which often appeared in her box labels and I briefly thought she was a gentleman, until I was completely sure that with those rosy cheeks she is a lady bunneh, at which time we have grown close and now I can call her plain Junko if not drunk-Junko) and there was even plenty more time for photo shoots. 

Okay, either that, or I had work to do, but being the Queen of Delaying Tactics, I just simply Found Myself Doing Other Things that just seemed more important than the work :D 

So anyway there were three separate posts for this Series of Procrastination on my part, and feel free to check them out because I think they are quite amusing. 

Part 1: Junko Seeks Her Fortune (click here to see the 2010 post)

Part 2: Mihara-san Visits Toro-san (click here to see the 2010 post) 

Part 3: Mihara Jun Overfeeds the Cat (click here to see the 2010 post)

And quite appropriately, the entire series has all of Junko's Different Facial Expressions XD 

I can hardly believe this was four whole years ago. 

Anyway, as of this day in 2012, I was making Felt Bookmarks (click here to see the 2012 post):

And then today this year, I am neither taking photos nor crafting D: I have been working all day : | It is alright though, because I have been able to meet the deadly deadlines I have set for myself so far and I am glad about it :3 I have also been meeting up since the weekend with different friends whom I have not seen in a long time, so they break the dull moments when I would be too tired. Moving forward, I have yet to finish the last part of the work for today, and then I'd probably read or try to get more sleep than I did for the past several nights. So, good night :3

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