Monday, April 21, 2014

Stares Back, Blankly

Last week I finished a commissioned piece and turned it in already during the weekend, but I have yet to post it because it has yet to be given as a present. Until then, the image sleeps outside my blog :3 Now I am about to finally begin another commission for which I had been doing warmups. It is going to be a triptych and I am admittedly somewhat intimidated by the largeness of it all :)) It is only my second time on canvas, the first one being a much smaller one and not a commissioned work. Anyway I have sanded one canvas and there it stands, threatening me and intimidating me :)))) I must admit its attempts are effective, but I shall be as brave as I can be XD

Now I shall get back to it and stare back at its blankness, and THEN do what I need to do XD Will be at it until towards late in the afternoon, after which I shall get back to my "day" job. 

So. Your bohemian baby is going to be busy. 

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