Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Soothing Sunday in Pictures

The series of today's posts is kind of psycho, I know, from Drowning with Feels to Hindsight Hating and then suddenly a sunny, soothing Sunday, right :)) 

So in the morning my best friend Peter picked me and my sister up to check out a weekend market where we also had lunch and the Fresh Ginger Ale That Haunts Me Until Now. Then we went to the bookstore, and then he brought us to this nice place called Yardstick.

He discovered it first and said it was someplace where we could have good coffee and make art. He said my sister could write and I could draw while he makes his tiny art creations (that sometimes look really chewy to me). 

So after lunch and the trip to the bookstore, we went there and spent the rest of the entire afternoon with cold brews, few conversations, and mostly art. 

My sister brought along the assorted baklavas she got from the market. They were perfect with the cold brews. My cold brew had milk in it. 

I am exchanging messages with three female kendo mates and we are all working on a drawing challenge. The current subject is Favorite Food, and we are all taking time with it because we all have too many. One already sent in a lovely illustration of a sandwich, and I decided to draw an onigiri because I have been fixating on the onigiri sensei brings to kendo and the onigiri I always get from the Family Mart. So I brought my tiny sketch pad together with some watercolor and books and journals. 

It was a very cozy place and I am definitely visiting again. 

Peter brought clay and and decided to make a small clay image of the Killer Kitty in Jeans

We were mostly quiet, working on our corners of the table. Every now and then I'd take photos of Peter's progress with the kitty. The baklavas just naturally vanished. 

It was a generally cheerful and relaxing day and time passed fairly quickly. 

At some time in the late part of the afternoon though, I felt somewhat anxious and achey again, but timely things shifted me back to my okay-self again and I was able to brush away thoughts that wound and weaken. 

I have not been much of a rune junkie lately because right now I guess I just have to wait out this difficult phase. 

By the time it grew dark outside, Yardstick had to prepare for closing, so we headed out to drive someplace for dinner. This photo of mine had to be taken first, because the red dress sort of matches that of the lucky girl who gets to be in her forever home. And nearly everyone who saw this in my art page or my Facebook album echoed someone's opinion that she totally looks like me. And somehow their emphasis is on the fangs and That Smile. 

So that was how our Sunday went. In fact the weekend was great because Saturday night I had dinner with a new friend and she was really great to be with, so I had quite a lot of fun too :) Monday came with a different air but that shall be for tomorrow's post probably. Meanwhile, you've got clay figures and onigiri and heart-eaters in your mind. Or perhaps girls in red dresses. 


  1. A wonderful Sunday well spent! It all looked so relaxing and therapeutic. Loved your sketches, Peach! And yes, you do look like that girl in a red dress. :)

  2. Thank you R-is-for-Rogue!! *HUGS*


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