Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cup of Coffee

"Cup of Coffee" by Garbage started playing just as I was about to have my second cup of coffee for the day. Perhaps not the same words apply to me, but I definitely get all that lost, floaty feeling. At least I can be grateful mine isn't as bad as the song's. Far from it actually. And I have been eating enough and sleeping okay so I guess I am good. So, like suddenly, I notice how much better I am actually doing! I do have my inside-places-aches but at least not for the greater part of the day. And for today in particular, I have been reading a lot, today being my rest day and all. And I like the heat of this weather. And my coffee. Makes me feel Mexican in an odd way. And now I remember having told someone that before while we shared coffee on a warm afternoon. Now all I need to do is let go of thoughts of a beautiful face offering me a hankie for something that got caught in my eye. I can always just love from a distance. Until the feeling dies of weariness. 

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