Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dragonflies in Progress

The first of a triptych, in progress. Basically what occupied my art-hours last week. I intend to finish it this week and then get started on the second one. Subject was a specific request, and I feel wobbly but I can only keep doing my best XD 

I like listening to Katie Costello, Meiko, and Owl City when painting these kinds of pieces.  At least  for now. 

I skip Meiko though, when it makes me feel sad.

Owl City is lovely but I think it also made me realize that if Owl City represented the character of a man, I'd just totally want him as a friend. 

Like if men were music, Owl City would be totally sweet, but, no. I have this penchant for awkward dorks who are actually Crisis Core music tracks. Like Mr. Bingley but with the sword of Zack. All that properness topped off with determination and a wonderful sense of domination. Or is that just me being biased and associative not to mention mildly masochistic. 

I need to get out of my mind a lot recently, and painting does magic. 

I may sigh a million times while at it but at least I am creating something. 

Catharsis, it is. 

I do miss the how-are-yous and updating him about my painting progress but then I just get back to painting. I say "enough," Andrew-Lincoln-fashion. Enough. Enough now. :D

Nowhere to go but forward. Of course I can choose to fixate and such, but WHY would I even, right. I have died one too many times. Oh, that was very Clara Oswald :)) 

Just the dragonflies left to work on, and I am quite excited :3 *sudden shift* It cannot be helped. I am no longer doing the catching-up-part. Peel away and drive forward. Chase. Pursue. Be absolutely sure. Be true. Be worth it.  

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