Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Something from the 24th of April. Now I am nothing but Dalek. (Oh that is so Clara, being Dalek XD Don't ask me where the milk for the souffles came from.)    

I wish none of it has ever happened.

I wish you just never called me, and we never got to know each other better, and we never went out.

It would not be of much loss to you anyway because you have your everything else.

I wish you had not called me at all, except maybe to return the game later on, in which case it would have been nothing but a casual meetup that would last for like, thirty seconds or maybe five minutes at the longest.

Even if you had been gazing at me for the previous year or so, never calling me and never meeting up with me would not have been much of a loss to you, really. Especially if I did not really mean that much to you.

As opposed to my loss now.

I wish you just had never happened to me. I was happy. I was alone but I was happy. You should not have disrupted my happy solitude if you were just going to get things your way for a couple of weeks and then drift away most times, and I would be just, you know, convenient.

I wish none of that has happened, but since it all did, I want to just drift away too, from this world.

Didn't it occur to you that this cheerful bohemian can possibly be fragile? But no, all that mattered to you was how you can have things your way. Whatever works for you. 

I wish I had never known you in my entire life, and that I never even noticed you, nor spoken to you, nor crossed your path in any way.

I hate you.

Grumbling (2013)

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