Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Scissors, Hair, Catharsis

I have shifted from my Ben-Franklin-type of daily routines and schedules to one that involves a lot of iced Coke and late nights. And then last night, I decided to take a pair of scissors...

...and take the liberty to snip away at my hair, cutting here and there, experimenting and only finding out effects after I have snipped away layers of hair XD (Lemme say, I look so POGI in the photo above.) 

CATHARSIS. No longer as emotional as I was for the past couple of days :)

My head feels so much lighter now and though I cannot put it up in a messy bun anymore, my ponytail no longer touches the skin at the back of my neck so, fair enough for this summer heat :3

As of this afternoon though, it has been cloudy and a bit windy, and tonight I can hear Thor, which is kind of timely because tomorrow is his day XD I think this shift in the seasons tells me that I must really get on with leaving things behind, especially now that less-sunny-afternoons no longer compel me to cleanse haunted paths of Invisible Afternoon Monsters. Moreover, my new, much-less-rigid daily skeds helped in making the days feel Different. 

Now I must carry on with the work that I have committed to finish tonight, so it looks like I am going to sleep again, just like this morning, less than an hour before sunrise :3 I was surprisingly upbeat and  energetic this morning though, partly because of my second wind, and partly because of the music and the pleasant silences in between. Tonight until later in the wee hours, I am not sure how I would fare, but I guess I will do just fine. I have also started this morning a sketch for a Kuma-Neko Project, a project shared with my best friend which was also his idea, and the second photo above was the inspiration for (or was it inspired by) the character I sketched today. I shall post it next time with color, and I intend to color it after tonight's major tasks. Everything sounds quite busy, and I think it is good, because it keeps my mind occupied, and provides a quick thing for me to shift my mind to when it goes off wandering to past places and vivid faces and even things and events that could not or should not take place in this lifetime. 

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