Monday, May 5, 2014

Senjougahara Sentiments

Racing Mind, Run-on Sentences Fest (2013)

I just remembered an exchange between Hanekawa-san and Araragi-kun in episode 9 of Bakemonogatari when I watched it way back. Araragi-kun is Senjougahara-san's boyfriend. Hanekawa-san and Araragi-kun are friends.

Hanekawa-san: You know how you're kind to just about anyone? I think from Senjougahara's point of view, that isn't very reassuring. I don't think Senjougahara-san actually wants you to be very close to Kanbaru-san. You can be close, or rather, she wants you two to be close, but she wants you to be firm about it. I think she wants you to choose her in comparison to Kanbaru-san. 

Araragi-kun: I don't get it.

Hanekawa-san: It's probably Senjougahara-san's dilemma. You're her valuable boyfriend, and Kanbaru-san's an important junior to her. Well, since Senjougahara-san's tsundere, I don't think it's right to take her actions for what they are. You have to read deep into them. You too, Araragi-kun. If you truly find Senjougahara-san important, I don't think you should sway from an insignificant temptation. It's irresponsible to be nice to everyone.  

Anyway this has nothing to do with my recent previous posts about painful decisions and such. It was just something I remembered. 

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