Wednesday, May 7, 2014



Long drives. Real ones. Not the "drives" that really mean bringing me back to the anteroom. But real, long drives that go far away, that take me away, that take us away. No schemes, no tricks to Getting A Last One, but just pure, honest togetherness. Maybe if there is at least one parallel universe that has that, perhaps I can be happy for me there. In this universe though, well, perhaps, I must really get started on walking forward. The truth is, I have started since I have made my decision, except that I kept coming to these halts, occasionally looking back, hoping to be saved or stopped, but I guess not. Now I shall start walking steadily forward, and I hope I would be running in no time. 

And by the way, the hating wasn't real, it was just something I thought and said, but not really felt. 

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