Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Distant Trees (2003)

Came across some lines again from Bakemonogatari. From the sixth episode, what Hanekawa-san said to Araragi-kun. 

"But it shouldn’t matter to you what Senjouhara-san was like in the past. You like the current Senjougahara-san, don’t you? Liking her is good, but make sure you keep a clean and proper boy-girl relationship, okay, Araragi-kun? Senjougahara-san seems really serious, so I don’t think it’ll turn into a bad relationship. She’s very complicated, you know. I don’t mean to sound like I know her very well… but she’s created an impenetrable self-field. You have one, too. Everyone has the self-field known as privacy, but both you and Senjougahara-san lock yourselves inside like you’re being besieged. People like that tend to find socializing with others depressing. You should know what I’m talking about. Both of you. But, Araragi-kun… Hating socializing with people is different from hating people… It’s nothing weird. It’s completely normal to want to know more about your girlfriend. But I think it’s best not to dive too deep into your lover’s past. Don’t let it become half interest and half amusement. Araragi-kun, make sure you act in moderation in that regard. Anyway, bye bye." 

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