Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Introducing: Kumakuma and Gohanneko

My best friend Peter and I have been spending more time again together after years of hardly seeing each other, if at all :)) From 2008 to 2013, we hardly saw each other; we only had those rare occasions of meeting up for coffee for a couple of hours or so. Now, various circumstances have kind of allowed us to catch up, or rather, pick up from where we left off. It is really great, despite the different versions of tragedies that have recently assailed us on separate occasions, because it was like finding a long-lost sibling back home all over again. We've been best friends for over a decade, and ours is like a brother-sister-brother-sister kind of relationship, where he can be as unconsciously high-pitched as much he wants and I can be as kanto-boy as much as I want :D (Perhaps let us just leave it to brother-sister instead of brother-brother, because he won't allow me to be POGI anyway. But he does allow me the liberty of claiming to be a Macho Girl.) 

So anyway in one of our many conversations which have become more regular than ever, funny nicknames came up - Kumakuma (born from his bear-like appearance and his bear-y everything everywhere he goes) and Gohanneko (born from my cattiness and enormous appetite for rice especially onigiri) - and he suggested I draw characters for those names and he would make clay images of them. 

Eventually this gave birth to his idea that there should be more of Kumakuma and Gohanneko, so eventually, I shall be making one- or two-panel "episodes" based on actual events or scenarios from conversations. So first off, I had to create a short bio for each of them :3

Moving forward, there will eventually be Kumakuma and Gohanneko episodes which will also occasionally feature other characters :D Peter suggested we call them The Misadventures of Kumakuma and Gohanneko, and then I created a short description for the "series": 

Also known as Bearbear and Ricecat, these best buds are a threat to cake shops and are neck-to-neck in the highest level of this thing called Overthinking.


So, look out for these midadventures, and yes that is a pet onigiri tagging along with Gohanneko. 


  1. This is so cool!!! Can't wait to read more about your Misadventures!


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