Friday, June 20, 2014

Painting, An Anchor

So far, this is how I have progressed from starting the second piece of the triptych I have been working on :) 

While this set is something new and challenging for me, I am glad to have been learning more about watercolor painting on canvas. I have particularly learned how to use dry brushes and which watercolors I like using more. I noticed that I am also less hesitant to just apply color as I was at first. I learned all over again that you just need to keep doing something until you learn it better and you become more confident about it. 

I am almost finished with all the anthuriums for this piece; I just have yet to add the layer of glittery paint. I finished the last couple of anthuriums during the wee hours of this morning, because I could not sleep yet. So I took advantage of my wakeful state and moved forward with this painting. :)

I will get back to this by Sunday or Monday, or perhaps even later today, if there are no writing assignments for me to do. Painting grounds me, and calms me down, and I think everyone should have that one thing or activity that grounds him or her, especially when afraid of certain things; like, happy, but also kind of terrified. 

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