Tuesday, June 3, 2014


On the second piece of a triptych, and on second chances. 

Have been sketching the second piece of the triptych I have been working on. I feel a bit more comfortable with it than the first one, and so I hope it looks better too when it is done XD

And then, I know that I sounded quite weighty last night, or the wee hours of this morning, but after having written all that off and having slept for over seven hours and even having another nap shortly after lunch, I now feel so much lighter about the whole thing. I still hold the same realisations and still stand by my decisions and resolutions, but at least I do not feel burdened anymore since I have done my cathartic writing :3 Hence, while second chances are up for grabs, I won't be waving it frantically in the air nor force to make others take it, and I am just feeling nice and calm now that from my end, I am just going to be a great person and friend as best as I can be. After all I have my own journey to mind, and the road is just open to good and pleasant company who are willing to travel at the same pace at least. 

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