Monday, July 21, 2014

Making Art + Sharing Good Food = Happy Week (Despite Illness)

I was ill for most of last week, not to mention there was a storm, and electricity was out for an average of a few hours each day. I did manage to finish two art pieces though :3 

One is basically inspired by Mico and his Mochi Kitty, which is one of my many nicknames from him, which I think is great because I have this thing for nicknames, see.  

The other is the nightly nightmare of snatchers, most particularly the snatcher who stole my mom's entire bag. Happy dreams :)

Thankfully I started recovering from my illness as of Friday, and I was able to go to kendo class on Saturday. I felt more tired than usual though, and briefly felt ill all over again, but just for a while :3 The rest of the weekend was just really lovely, and Sunday was really happy :)

Sunday lunch was very Indonesian, with really good Beef Rendang and Nasi Goreng XD

Mico also gave me a hand. Or two. Or three. 

He often brings me presents or makes food for me which I think is really sweet (^___^) There was also a mug cover with the head of Rilakkuma on it but I have not taken a photo of it because I kept playing with it that I forgot. Perhaps you are more likely to see it in my Instagram or Twitter XD Soon enough. Not now. I am hungry and I suspect I shall raid the kitchen after this blog post. (Why do I remind myself of the Viking who raided all the cakes?) 

I had been craving for something cold and creamy so there was White Chocolate Mocha for me and Choco Chips Java for him before we headed back home (^___^) 

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