Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Week So Far, Mostly In Pictures

Oh hello Thursday. Although it is already the evening, well. But there are quite some updates, as you will find :)

Starting with the weekend, so it was a really great and lovely one, spent mostly with Mico (whom I have mentioned a few times before, right). And Saturday as we ate onigiri and drank cold green tea he gave me this oh-so-cute coaster :3

Sunday we went to the wake of a friend's grandma but before that I came across my old set of Rune stones, and I realised it was time to pass them on. So when Mico picked me up from the house I passed them on to him :)

Monday I finally finished Algiz.

Tuesday I cleaned up and re-organised one of the bookshelves in the house. The topmost level had to be occupied by the thicker, hardbound books to make space for more books. 

Wednesday I unwrapped the third canvas for the triptych I have been working on, the second piece for which I finished recently. 

I have only sanded it so far, because it was late in the afternoon and I had to start getting ready for dinner with my sister. I wore my Tardis socks for the first time because I did not want to use it at first just because but okay, socks are supposed to be worn, so, right. 

And then my sister and I had dinner at Nomama Artisanal Ramen. I had the Nomama ramen which I really liked. I loved the soup "texture" and flavor. 

We also shared their tuna spring rolls, and they taste quite unusual, but in a very very good way which I really liked, and which still kind of haunts me until now. I will definitely want to eat more of this again next time. 

Then today, I got up quite late, because I was exhausted from Things. But I was able to make art. Three of them :3

Tomorrow is the start of the weekend so I hope you all enjoy yours!! 

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