Monday, August 4, 2014

Green Tea and Blue Box

I have been quite busy with family and work and love-things, that I have been quite absent from being Chokomochi, but I am definitely a Happy Peach :D 

It has been a month since I've been with Mico, and being a matcha person, he got a mildly-matcha yogurt from me :D (I shall try to make it moderately-matcha instead of mildly-matcha next time XD It was my first time to make it so I got too careful, but perhaps next time I shall make it a stronger matcha-taste :D) I also made him matcha soy milk but I only gave it to him during the weekend because I did not want to appear like a person who bombards with matcha. 

And then I got another Tardis! XD This time it is an adorable bobble head Tardis :3

So that was the highlight of last week, and now, I am Starting this week by Finishing the sketch on the last of the three canvases that make up an art triptych. Finally I can get to actually painting it.

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