Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello August :)

Well, hello, August. 

Let me start off with the start of a piece called Mico and Mochi, for obvious reasons XD

So far, I have only coloured the background. 

It is only the first day of the month and some things have been quite tough, but I am hoping that things will get better as the month passes. 

I think sometimes, when a person gets depressed often, it is either one needs to pull oneself out of a situation that provides him with neither strength nor happiness, or he brings in something to it that will balance out everything else, like bringing in art or a better habit or a new and interesting practice of some sort. 

Moreover, there may be many, many, even countless groups where one finds herself Not Belonging to, but that is okay, as long as she is not lost outside of it, rather than be in one group or even more and be lost in them. 

There could be many many different situations and scenarios like these where one may find himself or herself in, but I believe that things are always bound to get better.

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