Tuesday, September 2, 2014

30 Days to Three Months :D

So this is what happened with a 30-day drawing challenge I had with three other girls from the kendo club XD We all became too busy with work and such, until we were only able to do four drawings in three months (^^U) It was fun though, and seeing how beautiful their drawings were, I became even more inspired to continue learning and improving :) 

Now, from my end, these were my four drawings, with the required topic or subject for each day. 

Day 1 - Yourself

So that up there was my attempt to draw my self, for the first time, in a "proper" way, meaning, not in my usual chibi character. This is when I started drawing and experimenting more about being able to draw my own face, maybe not in exact detail, but at least be able to catch the general look of my face that would make people recognise, "Oh, it's you!" So far, since the time I drew this in April, I have been trying, and lately, I have had some drawings of my face with people saying it looks like me, so that makes me quite happy XD The trick to drawing my face? Defined eyelids with NO LASHES. A rounded nose. A slit for a mouth. The one above still has a narrow nose and actual lips, so, no. Not quite. 

Day 2 - Favourite Animal

Of course, the bison. Bisons I have tried drawing before. You can check out my other bison babies in my art blog, particularly the Floral Bison (2013) and the Bisons on Sale (2013) and some background appearances in Here, Where Everyone Cares (2013)

Day 3 - Favourite Food

I can draw hundreds but okay I settled for what I felt like eating at that point in time. And it was onigiri. I love the onigiri of our sensei in kendo though I do not get to eat much of it now, and I like the onigiri of Family Mart especially with bottled green tea (^_______^) like the combination makes me sparkle, and I remember buying it usually after midnight so there would be a lot, except that until now, Family Mart seems to run out of onigiri within the first couple of hours after the delivery (at midnight), so I guess they should anticipate the purchases better D: By early morning and the rest of the day, I seldom actually find onigiri on the onigiri trays T__T I do not mind never seeing the Spam and Longganisa onigiri ever again, because I have tried them and they were Lessons Learned The Hard Way. I am so just sticking to Tuna Mayo. If there is anything to stick to. Because you see, they are always out of stock. Anyway back to onigiri as opposed to non-onigiri, I fondly recall the toasted onigiri I ate in Japan, and somehow even though I was so onaka ga ippai already at that time, my body Found Space for that lovely toasty onigiri. 

Day 4 - Favourite Place

The beach. There are other places I like, like in an almost empty coffee shop while I am in the company of a book, or a nice clean hotel room after spending most of the day walking to everywhere, or in front of a work-in-progress. But the beach is like, a classic, and I never need to have a mood for it, so there it is for the Day 4 which was really on the third month of our drawing challenge duration XD 

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