Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happy Presents For The Happy Peach

I am somewhat excited and anxious because tonight I am bringing my first largest pieces (so far) to the home of my friend Midge who asked me to do the paintings in the first place XD She saw bits and pieces of them via Instagram, but I never posted the whole thing there because I did not want her to see them just yet :D Tonight she will, and I cannot help but feel a bit anxious XD Anyway, what matters is that I did my best in them and I learned and practised as I went along :) Later she will see them and I will see her reaction to them XD 

I have never had an easel before, so I improvised when painting the triptych mentioned above. I planned to get one though, but I was trying to decide which one to get first - something I could place on my desk or something much bigger. Before I could even decide, I got an adjustable one as a 2nd-supermonth present (^____^) from the person I am sharing the 2nd-supermonth with of course XD 

My first easel (^____^)

In the photo above it was adjusted for tabletop use, but now, if I have to paint something as big as the pieces in the triptych, I can work by the window in natural light, because I would not have to rely on the corner space that acted as "support" for the canvas. I can simply readjust the easel and paint away (^_____^) I think it is a really really sweet and thoughtful present (^___^) 

Outside of this occasion, there were other happy presents carefully thought out and thoughtfully selected that I got on different days :)

A book on feline-themed art :3 

A super-kawaii mouse pad to replace my ancient one with, uhm, Crisis Core on it. This felt really symbolic on so many levels. I would prefer though if borrowed games were returned even if I never have to see the borrower ever again. 

Bookmarks! XD I have turned various items into bookmarks and it is quite nice to get and use proper ones again XD

Art. Cats. Pretty and odd things. Japanese themes. Books. Oddness. Quirks. Walks. Laughter. So much laughter. I am in just one place yet I am free and I am everywhere. And I shall always be thankful, not just for these pretty objects, but everything that brought them about. The Happy Peach has progressed from being a projection, a title, into being an actual happy thing. All the unhappiness and the learning of very tough lessons paid off. Now I am just cleaning up residual bits here and there, quiet and calm, no longer afraid, and no longer hidden. 

Just like my triptych! *anxious again* XD I must get dressed now. And soon show Midge my painting. I hope she likes theeeem XD *breathe*

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