Thursday, September 25, 2014

Photo (Fl)op, Happy Fruit

I just need to, you know, get it together, and perhaps a proper picture can be taken. 

I admit, I am just not very good with having my picture taken. Some of my nicest ones were taken with no one else in the room except me and my computer, and usually it is on very specific days or occasions, because I rarely look picture-taking-great. And even then I have to take 4,000 tries before I come up with something I like. (Okay maybe not 4,000. I do not have that much time and my face just kind of, you know, stays the same kind of pudgy. But you know what I mean.) I cannot even take a selfie using my phone because a camera at my arm's length makes me look either too dim sum or too mango. 

However, it can be fun taking pictures with Mico because it becomes all about the fun and laughter as opposed to how planet-like I must look. I just become a happy planet or perhaps a happy mango. (Okay maybe after 30 photo flops.) Soon enough, I just feel comfortable enough to just be. I may dislike 90% of my pictures, but I know I had fun and that he's just fine with how they all look. Sometimes he snorts from trying to suppress a laughter but still :))))))))))

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