Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sewing Onto A Skirt and Shopping Bags

Recently I have been sewing ribbons and lace onto a plain light-pink corduroy skirt of mine to redesign it and give more life to it. I intend to finish it today. I just need to add the last layer of ribbon and I am done :) 

First, I selected the ribbons and lace I will add to the skirt :) 

See that black dot? That was also part of the reason why I wanted to dress up this skirt XD That ink stain! :D

The most recent one I added was the lace. Later, I will just sew on the last ribbon :) 

Doing this made me recall how I spent my days before sewing various designs onto shopping bags which we sold out eventually. Back then it was my work and it was all I did, until we sold out most of our merchandise and it was time to close shop. Here were some of the shopping bags I sewed designs on: 

Black Apples

The black apples, being carried by my sister

Blue and Pink Hearts

Carrot on White Background

Carrot on Yellow Background

Cupcake and Coffee

A Dress

An Eggplant


Golden Cat Face

Green Apple

Leaves from Various Seasons

My sister with the leaves from various seasons

A Pineapple

A Flower with Prints On It

A Red Apple

Strawberry on Violet Background

Strawberry on White Background

A Tree

The Violet Cat

My sister carrying the violet cat

White Hearts

Two of the bags on display in one of our bazaars

Three of the bags on display

Five of the bags on display :D

Now, I shall get to finishing that skirt :) It's the rainy season here now where I am, so it is a good time to stay indoors and just redesign things into new ones by sewing pretty shapes and themes on them :) 

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