Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blow Off Steam

It differs from person to person, but each one of us should have some kind of go-to activity when we need to blow off steam, and I mean Really Blow Off Steam. Of course we can talk to our friends, but they too have concerns of their own, and it is especially not advisable to go to them yet again just to gripe or complain about the same things or talk about the same issue. We love our friends so we do not really want them to suffer with our malcontent, your warmongering.... WAIT. That was Wormtongue, that was not me. 

Okay. My point is, while I know I should have these go-to activities, I must admit I do not always resort to them. Today though, I learned that really, I mean Really, we should, or at least I should, lest I break things or say unkind words or lose all my hair. 

And we should have more than just one go-to activity because one is not always guaranteed to work at all times. 

Our lists may vary, but basically here are top three go-to activities that I suggest:

1. Make art. 

2. Run. Or walk for a long time. Or if you do kendo, do as many suburi as you can. 

3. Clear clutter or do some major cleaning. 

I have been exhaling and sighing way too many times for the past couple of days (okay maybe weeks, or even months, but the past couple of days had too many exhales that I can actually magically grow a plant almost instantly), and today I was just, Cold. My hands went cold I could have been as good as dead but clearly I am not, so, I did the first item in the list. 

I made art :D

"Such a nice piece of art!!!!!!!" said no one ever. :))))))))))

However I was still shaking and so I resorted to number two. I did suburi with the heavier shinai I have at home. Then I took a shower again and felt more human and less monster. 

So, have yours. Have your go-to activities for releasing all that energy especially if it can be potentially destructive, like angry energy. By having these activities and Actually Doing Them of course, you:

1. let the anger work as fuel for something creative or productive;

2. take the anger out of your system in a more productive or beneficial way;

3. improve your skill (if you made art or did suburi, and even if you did not, you still improved your ability to use your anger as fuel for good things as opposed to destructive ones or those you will regret later on);

4. will have a cleaner room, house, garage, or whatever it is you decided to do a major cleaning in, as well as a cleaner mind and a lighter feeling; and

5. have kept yourself from hurting anyone :D Or anything, including the things around you :D 

Obviously I am no longer as infuriated as I was earlier, and I am now actually about to have dinner and be a warm, live person *grin*

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