Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dragonflies, Dogs

This is Casper, a really lovely sweet puppy. 

I know, he looks like a really cross president :))))

Perhaps it is because I am posting this update LATE D: Almost a month late, because there have been too many photos on my desktop the photos for this post just sort of blended with everything else D:

Anyway, remember that triptych painting of anthuriums and dragonflies? It was a commission from my friend Midge whom I meet up with once in a while, but more often get in touch with via Facebook. I finished it last August, and when my sister and I went over to her home for dinner last month, I brought the purchased paintings as well :) She was quite excited to see it and I am glad she was happy with them :)

My sister and I were also excited to meet Champ and Casper for the first time XD

Obviously I cannot get my hands off Casper :)))))) He is just so soft and warm and lovely XD I'd carry Champ too if I could, but he is quite heavy and is too energetic XD At some point when the photo above was taken, Champ climbed onto my sister's lap then quickly jumped to mine, knocking Casper off to the side (^^U) Casper was not hurt though, especially since they play really rough with each other :) 

So there, painting accomplished and buyer happy :) The colours also matched her home's colour scheme so it is really great (^___^)


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