Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shushed, Stunned

Shushed (2014)

I rarely draw explicitly unhappy or troubled or miserable images, but sometimes the image that comes to mind is just it. 

I no longer feel shushed now as I did many countless times before, but one occasion inspired this drawing, and I won't go into details but basically it is one of those moments which I am sure most if not all has gone through - when you are stopped in your verbal tracks because you realise you have just heard words or ideas that you thought have long ago died and decayed and suddenly there it was back from the dead like verbal zombies. 

In any case, I have recovered from that occasion though I admit it left me quite shaken, and somewhat changed. It is not all bad though, because I am sure this sort of thing had to happen for a reason, though it may not have been clear to me what. Maybe I do have an idea, but I am sure I shall pick up on it more clearly as I go along. 

The lesson is that we must be careful not to fall back into old patterns or old habits that had pulled us back and kept us from evolving to our better selves. When we do catch ourselves, it is best to snap back to where we have come and then go on and move forward. I guess for me, it was also some kind of wake up call not to fall back into old ways. Though it may have left me scarred, I am guessing it is not something I will never be able to get out of. I believe that there are better things and better times ahead, especially since I have come this far at this time. Maybe I just need to keep my faith firm and let my fortitude take over. Perhaps we all should. 

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