Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And The Flowers and The Tofu-Bear

I don't think I ever mentioned, but the flower brooches that I make can be attached to clothing with the safety pin neatly inserted into the subtle cuts through the felt material at the back; and one actually has the option to remove the safety pin and insert a thin headband instead and instantly come up with a flower hair ornament. Perhaps I shall do that to the ones I shall make for myself :3

Meanwhile I have added three more brooches to the box of I-am-not-sure-how-many-brooches already. (From the previous batch I have sold nine.) 

There is a pink one. 

And there is a maroon one. 

I know, I keep using the same coat but it just feels... right. 

I am letting the brooches accumulate until I feel it is Time. And I did not say that in The Exorcist tone. 

This last one, I made just last night before going to bed after sewing kendo mittens for Mico for most of the afternoon (it took so long because I made a mistake and had to re-do a whole mitten), and I guess spending hours hunched over my desk sewing things caused me to lose my mindfulness in keeping the correct posture so now my back hurts like there is an evil overweight tofu-bear riding my shoulders. 

I do not know what an evil tofu-bear is. And if my orthopaedic doctor found out I threw his reminder out the window about sitting properly and leaning against the back of the chair when working on anything, he will also throw me out the window. In any case I have done about a hundred stretches today and I can still move normally for the most part, though it took me longer than usual to draw and paint the letter G because I had to straighten my back many times to throw off the evil overweight tofu-bear. 

The above brooch is actually a nice shade of orange though I know it looks a bit pink. I am thinking of making another one later after dinner. 

By the way, as I mentioned before, I shall be posting next time about Waves and Monster, an artwork with, uhm, waves and monster. 

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