Friday, November 28, 2014

Behind Every Kote

Is a mitten :))))))))

Okay that may not always be true but anyway I made a pair of kendo mittens for Mico. These are technically the second and third pieces because the very first one went somewhere into the Fabric Scrap Mountain Region, because I messed it up after working on it for over two hours, measuring and cutting and hand-sewing and hurting my back. Refusing to give up, I went through the giant tub of medium-sized fabric again and looked for the right kind, until I found one. It is a bit thick but not too thick, and it is Soft :)

I know they look like kitchen pot holders. 

I cut the shapes out based on my own mittens which I did not make, so they are just perfect for slipping into the kote. 

Now, those mittens may look perfectly and neatly hand-sewn, but I must admit, they are deceptive mittens. 

You see, as I rummaged through the Vast Sea Of Fabric, I came across this one which came from an old skirt jumper I used to own. It was the part I cut out because I made the skirt-part shorter, thus I had the sides of the cut out fabric as the perfect "sides" for this pair of mittens :)))))))

All I had to do was fold them neatly along the stitch on the side, chalk 1/4 of an inch from the edges of my gloves as I traced them, hold the inner part of the lines with pins, cut along the lines, then sew the edges together from the wrong side using bias tape :)))))))) Then voila, such neat-looking mittens (^^U) 

I had the compulsion to confess that because I have not really sewn nice kendo mittens, especially without such "cheats" :D I shall make him another pair soon, but since I will have no more skirt-jumper-edges, I have yet to see if the mittens will even be shaped like hands at all :)))))))))))) I promise to post them when I do, whatever they look like. I just hope they are not too grotesque :)))))))))

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