Thursday, November 13, 2014

Food, Naps, and Long Walks

Eating heartily, napping countlessly, and taking long walks leisurely are among the things Mico and I do best, and we had our chance to do that when we went on a mini-break recently in Tagaytay. 

It has been a while since I went on a mini-break, and it is great to be doing it again with a person who is actually great to go around with :)

Sometimes, Usually, Sometimes, I make Mico choose food for me, as long as it is not liver, parking ticket, or hairy gourd. I remember our first few dates when I made him pick whatever for me, and he was a bit anxious if I would like what he picked because he had the impression I am hard to feed but soon enough he realised I am So Easy To Feed. Think Pusheen. Anyway everytime he picks food for me and I would have no idea what it would be, it is always like a tiny surprise meal which I would always like :D Speaking of food, we finished that giant bowl of bulalo above. Along with the other dish we ordered. For a while there, two male bouncers were on the table in the form of us. 

We stayed at Tagaytay Country Hotel and there were Hardly Any Other People when we went so I totally liked it. Think wide open spaces and empty hallways and yes, Silence. Wait, not the Doctor Who kind of Silence. Otherwise I would not be remembering, right :))))) I mean the nice, totally-not-creepy-kind of silence. And the weather was great too. Sunny and chilly at the same time, and totally not in a fever-sort-of-way. 

And so we took a lot of really long walks, stopping for coffee and ginger snaps, and it felt really great to be talking for hours without worrying or thinking about work or the time or schedules or being interrupted. 

The mini-break was so much fun in a quiet, cozy, elderly-people sort of way, because everything just flowed. I guess it is how things are when you are with someone whom you do not just get along with, but is someone who shares your values and is able to connect with you in odd, almost-creepy ways, but in a good way, of course. So it was easy to just decide to talk a walk, go for coffee, stay indoors and nap, or eat countless pieces of bread and cheese almost not shamelessly. It was easy to just flow and not over-think on itineraries, just as when we take walks here in Manila and decide to go "where our feet take us," and we just somehow naturally find ourselves on the path to delicious chicken. Unintentionally. 

I just took random photos throughout the trip, using either my camera or my phone, clicking and just stashing the gadget away, because I did not want to spend more than half the time fussing over selfies and other photos and filtering and trying to document every inhale and exhale, thereby missing out on what we went there for. Photos taken with my phone, most of them, were uploaded to my Instagram the day after we came back home. 

The above photo is the same hallway as in the photo before it, except that I had to zoom it in because it was creepy the first time I saw it. I wanted to sit there with Mico and be creepy except no one would take our photo. If I were with my sister we would probably do something along the lines of The-Shining-Twins, but it would be awkward if guests came out of the rooms and saw us being totally wtf. 

Our phones, being all sweet and romantic and honeymoon-y. 

We went to the spa and it was such a treat especially since it rained in the evenings, so it was all just cozy and nice. There was a pool actually but since we have no death wish of course we did not swim given the cold weather. 

What's great about the timing of our trip is that there were hardly any other guests so when we ate at the hotel's restaurant there would only be one or two other tables occupied, and they were not noisy people. 

We ate in the room, we ate at various restaurants, we ate as we walked, and we ate during bus rides. Remember, bouncers. Pusheen. Pusheen bouncers :))))))

The hotel had plenty of sitting areas, most of which were unoccupied most of the time, so they also became stopover spots for lengthy conversations and thinking aloud. Not too loud, though. 

We are looking forward to more trips like this, even longer ones or farther ones. This particular trip is great for me because it is one other thing Exorcised, along with a particular Family Mart branch (long story which I do not really want to dwell on so shoo), and soon enough along with many other things and places and movies and such. More happy memories are surely going to be made. 

Now, I have no idea what the above insect is, but I think it is some kind of moth. Can anyone tell me what it is? After a while it started to Kind Of Have Wings Sort Of Spread Out, which is how I came to assume it was a moth. I searched it on Google but its "similar" images were pale-coloured monogrammed stationeries :))))))) Anyway it was over the doorway of our room, so I kind of just wanted to know our too-close flying neighbour. 

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