Friday, November 21, 2014

Letters, Incoming :D

So after letters A to E, here come F to I. 

While I did the letter F, the cat was wallowing in his laziness. 

After I finished Waves and Monster, I did another piece with a girl with very strange eye-parts, but I did not like it so I am setting it aside for re-doing later on. 

What I drew and finished instead is one with a giant girl in the waters. I shall post about it soon. 

Perhaps after this I shall post first about the kendo mittens I made for Mico which I mentioned in a previous blog post about the brooches I've been making

I just had an ice cream on stick and now I feel like I need coffee, so perhaps I shall make myself half a mug then get back to work. I will be working on something else though, instead of these letters, at least for now. 

Last night I finished Tad Williams' The War of The Flowers, then gave it four stars in goodreads. I did not give it a five because there were parts that seemed to drag for quite a while, but when the action picked up and Theo's mind races, somehow you just need to keep reading on. And I love the way the story went and how it all came together in the end, and how each character is so whole and solid.

I still have a long way to go with these letters but even if they are repetitive and seemingly boring I actually look forward to the hours when I can do them. I guess that is really how things are when it is something you love doing. 

The same thing applies to the other art pieces that I just feel like repeating because I may have not liked how they turned out. It can be frustrating, but it also be exciting and fun at the same time. Perhaps because I like it. Ask me to repeat some other thing all over again (like painstakingly written ebooks or meticulously collected and analysed data reports) and I shall turn green and cold.  

And then there are things you just would not and could not possibly want to go back to, like bad-service restaurants, unpleasant company, or manipulative and selfish partners. 

Things I would love to do again: Visit Penang. Eat dessert with shameless amounts of cream. Swim. Play the Elder Scrolls III, IV, or V. Exorcise more things with Mico. 

Perhaps I shall get food as well, when I get coffee XD

There is always something festive about Fridays. I do not go to an office and work from Monday to Friday from morning til evening, but I do get that festive feeling because Fridays are thick with it. Actually, it starts around Thursday afternoon as Friday's Eve gets closer. 

I remember how my Thursdays before always merited playing "Thursday" by Asobi Seksu. And then I would feel a certain ache, but a certain courage as well. All those feels back then. Right now, I just feel mostly relieved. 

As I painted the letter H, I made myself some iced coffee (^___^)

As for Sundays, I like the silence of Sundays and as everyone rests, the air becomes really light, as everyone exhales and succumbs to the comfort of the day. Towards the evening, the air becomes a bit filmed with something like anxiety mixed with anticipation about the coming week. I guess it is because of all the idealistic mode that "this week I will make it better" while somewhere there is also that agitated omg-another-week-how-dreadful.

I do not really feel much of either state, but sometimes I do feel the dread when there is something about the week I do not like. Perhaps a dreaded task or a stressful gathering or event. Perhaps a grand interruption arising from the absence of logic. 

So when there is something dreadful about the week, I try to think of the best parts instead, and when that does not help much, I think of the day after the dreadful part. Instead of considering it done I consider it dead. Over and done with. Gone. Forever. 

Sometimes the voice of the Emperor rings in my ears: Kill 'em all. ALL of them. 

Suddenly I am thinking of ham. Like Ponyo. Quite appropriately, there is H, finished. H as in Ham. 

I am so eating ham after this. 

I wish I would have the time later to do letter J despite the workload that I still have to do this afternoon. 

Either way though, I guess it is okay because that will pay for my laundry and my phone bill and my flaky internet connection :))))

I have to go now. Things to write and images to paint and books to read. Food to eat. Coffee to drink. Yay for coffee. *curtsies and leaves*

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