Monday, November 3, 2014

More Petals, More Posts

I have been hand-sewing simple fabric brooches and was planning to fill up a container I have, so that would be around 20 to 30 pieces, depending on the thickness of the fabric used. After that, I was planning on promoting and selling them. 

However, most have been sold already even before I managed to fill the container up, so I am starting a fresh batch. This time, I intend to share more about them as I go along so that I won't have a hard time later on trying to take proper photos and documenting things :D When I have enough brooches, I can just put together the already-taken photos then promote and sell :) 

Today, I made another black brooch. My sister bought the first one I made. I would want one for myself too, but perhaps I shall make one for me when I am done with filling up my container with those for selling. I think the black brooches are the prettiest of the lot. 

Black fabric flower cutouts

Circle felt cutouts to hold the fabric together and into which the pin is inserted

I won't be selling these hand-sewn brooches for a long time, though :) When I am done selling a whole batch, or sewing them at least, I will be working on another sewing project alongside selling the brooches. I already have an idea of what to try to make, but that would be for a separate post :) Meanwhile, it is going to be these hand-sewn brooches and I hope I sell all of them :) Buying them from me would be a great, great help, so Thank You :)

Finished black brooch on a coat. It would also look pretty on plain shirts :)

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