Monday, November 17, 2014

Post-nap Post

So. I just woke up from a nap *still gathering selves*

Speaking of naps, my sister takes about 50 of them during the daytime, and was requesting for an eye mask so that the daytime glare won't hurt her eyes. I have never made an eye mask before so it was a good chance for practice. 

I could have made a simpler one but she told me not to put lashes on it so of course I shall put lashes on it. After cutting out four layers of fabric plus batting, I cut out felt lids and felt lashes.  

I based the size of the eye mask on my pair of large sunglasses, then just added about an inch max on all sides. I sewed the lids on the slab of eyelash before I cut them into lashes. Then I sewed the lids onto the front and now all this talk of sewing on eyelids sounds a bit painful doesn't it. 

Then I layered the first lining, the batting, and the second lining, then placed the main fabric on top of the pile with their right sides facing each other. I just hand-sewed the pieces together, following the line I traced around my sunglasses, leaving a third of the lower edge open so I could turn the whole thing inside out. Before turning it though, I "cleaned up" the edges by cutting off excess fabric and batting close to the stitches, so that they also do not bunch up later on and so that of course the whole thing feels "clean." :D 

I was supposed to sew the whole thing with part of the garter inside but there was some kind of confusion because I just tried to imagine the whole thing happening :))))) So after turning the eye mask inside out, I proceeded to stitch along the edges to make it look more "defined," closing the bottom part and attaching the garter along the way :D 

Finally, after gloating to myself that it is not so bad for a first time and for a totally experimental project, I sprayed it with some citrusy sanitiser and gift-wrapped it with pink wrapping paper and a grey lace ribbon, then I threw it down the stairs towards my sister :))))) In the evening she wore it on her forehead so I guess she would be having two pairs of eyes on some nights. 

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