Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Painted something for some fun experiment, but I realise I cannot really do stills and normals.

It is not really the lack of skill, though there is that, but it is more like a lack of heart and soul. I think we should really write or draw or sculpt or make whatever it is that really speaks out for us, like the voices of our core. Perhaps this expresses the heart and soul and most nostalgic memories of someone, but not quite mine. Perhaps someone else will find so much soul, so much heart in it. For me it could be just some random villa. And yet for another this piece is not even anything. Listen to and make what is you. 

I must continue then, with my girls and monsters. I guess these exercises sometimes arise to be acted upon for us to see certain things anew. 

I am currently working on a piece called "Waves and Monster;" post next time. 

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