Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Dozen Flower Brooches

So I have been quite busy but managed to squeeze in some time hand-sewing the last few pieces of brooches I am selling. 

This yellow brooch is one of them. I like how neat it looks from the back. And how you can replace that pin with a thin headband and instantly have a flower on your hair. 

Then finally, I had eleven brooches and just needed to make the last grey piece to make a dozen.

And then, a dozen brooches for sale :)

As of now, nine have been sold, and I wish for those who bought them an extra-happy Christmas (*^___^*) 

I enjoyed making them, though this is the last batch I am making for now. I shall practise on pillow cases next, this time using the machine. I have not practised in a while, see (^^U) Before that though, I made a black brooch for myself too :3

I shall also be making a grey one for me :D 

Merry Christmas, everyone! (^___^)

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