Friday, December 12, 2014

Halfway Through The Alphabet

So finally I have managed to finish until letter M :) 

It has been a while since the previous set of letters, and I am glad to have gotten around to continuing it. 

J as in jogging. You know, that thing I have not done in a while since I stopped setting my alarm at five in the morning about a month ago? :)))) 

I just really needed more sleep. Now I get to sleep for six to nine hours each day. And everytime I wake up on mornings after nine hours of sleep, I keep realising all over again how sleep is one of the most beautiful things in the world :))))))) Now I just run on days when I happen to wake up before six. The small park where I run opens at six, and I am particular about getting there just as it is opening so that there are no People. Even as I walk on my way to and from the park, I get to encounter very very few people. And it is quiet and nice, and did I mention there are hardly any people? 

K as in katamari (nana......) I miss that game. I miss the shrimpy prince, and cousin Miso (piping hot), and Signolo. 

The beginnings of L. 

L as in leaves. 

As I worked on the letter L, I found Mogget sitting there, bored, and probably fed up by said leaves. Crunchy plastic is what he wants. Or my slippers. 

Then last night and earlier today, I worked on the letter M. 

M as in Mico. 

Mico who is currently out of town for work, but I am looking forward to his return this weekend :) 

Which reminds me of my thought last night that this week seemed to fly by extra-fast. I was surprised that it was already Friday's eve and then it would be the weekend again soon enough. I guess it was because I made myself so busy this week, so much busier than usual that I seemed to be in some kind of trance.  

And so I have finished half of the alphabet. The rest in the next posts. 

I wish that you all have a spectacular weekend :) 

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