Monday, December 8, 2014

Rain and Random Thoughts

I am still finishing my coffee from breakfast and I feel like there are several random things spilling out from my mind so I might as well sweep them out and then I can get to today's tasks (yes, despite the storm). 

From a scene in the first season of Gilmore Girls 

Top Ten Things Off The Top of My Mind

1. I have been having a bit too much coffee lately. I have managed a couple of years back to cut down to just two mugs a day and early this year I was able to cut down to just two 3/4 mugs a day and then lately I have been drinking 2,000 mugs a day. 

2. I enjoyed the brief but really nice chat with Jenny last night. (Jenny is a very interesting girl from kendo.)

3. Insanity does run in the family, but it is not always the cool kind. More like the beware-stabby kind. 

4. After 300 decades of not making any New Year's Resolutions list, I shall have one for 2015. I have begun listing last night actually, and I told Mico I shall recite them to him as my pogi witness on our pre-New Year date :))))))) I have also begun doing the items I have listed already, even in small steps and changes taking place gradually and silently. 

5. Anytime is a good time for weeding out bad things. 

6. It took me years to realise some things, or rather, my entire life so far, to realise some things, and then it took me over a year to really accept them. It is about time I wake up. 

7. Even though I lost my matches last Saturday in the Christmas shiai, I still felt great to have had such mighty and strong and scary opponents and to know I have done as much as I could, despite the high probability of being killed. 

8. Sometimes it's funny yet painful to watch people who are so fired up in a contest that only exists in their minds. 

9. People who pick on others and put them on the spot and subtly bully them are really just creating all these noises and scenarios so that they won't hear the Voices of Insecurity in their own minds. 

10. I want to swim. 

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