Thursday, December 11, 2014

Roses, Forest

Our supermonth fell on a Saturday, but on a Saturday when he had to attend a whole-day seminar! In the morning though, this was delivered to the house~ 

A sweet and pleasant surprise which made my Saturday spectacular (*^___^*) Then I arranged them and placed them beside my desk near the window (^___^) 

Eventually as they started drying up, I had an idea (^__^)

I am not really a fan of pressing flowers in books because they tend to be forgotten or lost. I once kept a beautiful butterfly wing in my Rune book but eventually it fell out, though that one I do not mind losing because I found that wing while I was on the phone being deceived. Anyway, I was pressing some of the roses in this thick jisho for other reasons. They're not staying there forever. Besides, we do not want them getting in the way of our urgent need to know the meaning of some Japanese words right :D 

While the words oppressed the roses with their many meanings, I drew. 

They stood on petal-covered grounds :)

Surrounded by rose "trees." 

And it's raining more tiny petals. 

I wanted to be able to keep the roses but not just keep them in books, so I made art with some of them  (*^___^*)

And it is my only artwork so far that really smelled of flowers :D

I did keep some petals though, in a nice small bag. I kept a petal in the page of the Gebo Rune. I kept a few other petals in a few other places. 

So there it is, a forest of roses, and love~ 


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