Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Week Into 2015

It has been only a week into the new year but I have been quite busy and I would like to say I have done quite a number of things, the need-tos and have-tos. Hence my late posting, and within the next week or so you are still likely to see very late Christmasy posts (^^U) The next batch of letters you are about to see here though are not exactly late since I just finished Q a while ago :D 

N. The New Year. I am grateful that the New Year's Eve celebration was much quieter than the previous year's. There were more fireworks and less noise. 

My most vivid memory of the 31st of December was me and my sister and our dad stuffing our faces with Dear Darla pizza from the Yellow Cab. 

O. For oranges. I think every day of the holiday season I ate oranges. And I gave Mico a week's supply of oranges.  

Lately though, it has been all about Peanut Butter. I have this jar of really great peanut butter a friend gave me and I think my blood steam has them now. Almost shameless. 

Quiet. It has been so quiet lately, and for some reason today was extra quiet and I love it. I even had quiet time with peanut butter :)))))))))

I hope to finish the rest of the alphabet within the next couple of weeks. I have been spending more time recently looking for more options for part-time and/or odd jobs so I do not get to paint as often. I hope to find new, better, part-time jobs soon~ 

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