Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Spring Again

I know that I mentioned before that the dozen brooches I last made would be the last batch for now and then I would be moving on to trying to make something else. By then I have learned how to make the brooches more quickly than I did the first time, and without looking at the instructions. I have also developed my own way to sew on the last piece which would be the centre of the flower (I know that sounded so excitingzzzz). So anyway I was going over some pictures of this whole brooch journey (think paths lined with flowers) and I came across the ones I took from the very first time I tried making the brooches way back in March :D 

Those feet. 

Awkwardly tracing the shapes at first. 

The first layer of petals on the first flower brooch ever. 

Adding a second layer of petals. 

Very first brooch I made - finished. 

First three brooches I made using a specific set of instructions. (I have made other brooches before but I just totally invented them, though they did turn out fine :D)

And then I sold most of the brooches from the most recent batch, and then the holidays came, and immediately after, I think it shall be making them again :)  Spring is coming fast. There is a pending order, the details of which I have yet to finalise. It does seem likely though that I would be making them again. Perhaps I shall post about them when they are all done and given away by the buyers to their recipients :) Tomorrow I shall go to check out available fabrics and such :) 

Meanwhile I shall get up from my seat and do something uplifting because I am kind of feeling achey  from a nightmare AFTER waking up this morning. I am sure I shall feel better eventually but I would like it much sooner, so I have to get going now before I

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