Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Flower Bed

After having made a dozen brooches late last year, I received an order for 44 pieces XD I was quite excited because I enjoy making them. So initially there was the colour selection for a particular theme. (The Fabric Warehouse was especially kind and easy to talk to so fabric hunting became fairly easy.)

And then the colours were short-listed to the ones that can easily be matched to clothes or those that would look good together, since there was an initial consideration for combining colours, which, later on, proved unsatisfactory. So it was decided that only one colour would be used :)

And the winning colour was Turquoise :)

The mountain of fabric was a bit threatening at first, but then I had sharp scissors and I was quite decided on making a flower bed out of it, so the fun work began...

... and ended when I had finished 45 brooches.

That was fun ^__^ Especially since I was able to do everything right on schedule and I felt like I was able to help even if just a little :3 

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