Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day~

Lovely greetings from me and my girls:

This girl with the bunny hat greets you along with her wishes that you always have the clarity and wisdom to make the right choices, and for you to have a quiet mind and a calm heart when The Horrible Anxieties go bump in the nights of your thoughts. 

This princess of raindrops greets you  along with her wishes that you find comfort and have a fair belief in yourself, so that you will not have the need to fill in the silences, to smile when you do not feel like it, or to uncertainly slink away when you get drained of company. 

This centipede girl greets you along with her wishes that you actually get around to doing the things you said you would do and the things you honestly intended to do but never got around to doing. Good things, of course. 

This girl with a plate of glass shards greets you along with her wishes that you never become a victim of bullying, whether subtle or overt, and that you never become subject to ridicule or to being rudely cast out just because you are old, fat, unpretty, too quiet, unpopular, poor, plain, and obscure. She hopes you never get any plate of glass shards. Or any glass shard. Unless of course you had it coming. 

~ Pieces from this month and the previous one. 

I hope you all have a lovely Saturday, not just because it is Valentines Day, but just because it is like any day when everyone, single or not, deserves to have a lovely day (except perhaps if you live to bully others). 

Worst case, just be indifferent :) It often works. And, make art. Sing cheerful songs that make you feel sparkly even if you do not fully understand the lyrics because they are of a different language. Go out and offer your help or service to people who deserve it. Focus on things that make your heart sing, not break. 

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