Monday, March 23, 2015

Birthday at the Beach

As I mentioned last time, my birthday weekend was spent at the beach with Mico (*^___^*) Here are a few photos I managed to take; most of the time was spent talking, eating, swimming, and laughing :)))))) We only took photos when we remembered XD

I took the bus to the station :) It was a nice early-morning ride~ 

Smelling the sea again for the first time in a long time (^___^)

The friendly cat in the resort. Very very friendly.

Mr. Friendly Cat followed me when I walked out of the eatery and miaowed and rubbed up against my leg but when he saw Mico filling out some forms on the reception table he went up to check if everything was in order. 

First walk along the beach. 

The weather was perfect. 

Wonderful quiet. Long conversations. :)

Hardly any people at the time so it was really great.

Fanbunnying from the shore~ 

The other friendly cat. Too friendly she expected we'd eat from the same plate. 

The cat I never got to touch because it was moody and distant. 
The pool. Most moments away from the sea were spent in the pool. I would not have been surprised if we got out of the pool and found we developed webbed hands and feet. We happily had the pool to ourselves.

This was part of the wall surrounding an area of the sea but the waters have greatly receded so the wall was practically just surrounding a mossy area with knee-deep water. 

We went to another beach and spent a great deal of time there for the sake of More Food and More Swimming and Looking For Cake XD

In the sand, I attempted an Ald'rhun structure. I think it only looks like an alien croissant.

Lovely long walks (^___^)

Waiting for the sun to rise from behind the mountains. 

In the rocks, I made friends with crabs and things I do not know what. We also found rocks that looked like pelvic bones and livers. It momentarily made me think. 

Things springing into colour when the sun was up.
Golden silence. One of our most relaxed weekends ever.
The bus ride home. Traffic was lighter than ever and we were home at a little less than two hours earlier than we expected. 

Looking forward to more trips next time (^___^) Next week we are likely to go on some kind of day trip and eat sticky rice (yes we have something that specific :)))))))) and he will also bring me someplace to see some shops I have never been to. I am quite excited by it (^___^)

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