Friday, March 13, 2015

W, for Waking

I have just snapped out of a phase of Major Sleepiness, until I ate a chocolate bar and now I am awake again :3 

It was my birthday last weekend, and Mico planned a beach trip for the occasion, partly because I have been mentioning wanting to swim with him and such. It was such a wonderful happy time, but I have yet to organise and edit all the photos, so more on that next time. Meanwhile, I am almost done with my leafy alphabet. I stopped at V last time and now I have just one more letter to do and I am done :) 

I have been able to draw and paint more lately because one of my jobs has just ended with its contract. I am awaiting for more details for a new one that is likely to take place soon though, and I hope it all goes well and that I can work on my translation and writing jobs around it. It will require me to step out of the house as opposed to working from home, but I guess it is a good thing. Perhaps it will allow me to take longer walks and discover other things. I do hope it all goes well. 

Speaking of going out, I have just gotten rid of about half of my closet's contents, because I felt it is time to just let them go, in the same manner I have recently discarded many of my artwork or put them up for barter. I intend to replace those clothes soon, with better and brighter colours that are closer to my preferences now. 

Everything just seems unpredictable at this point, and there are some things I am incredibly anxious to get over with, but I guess all I can do right now is just be absolutely present. 

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