Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Peach-craft: The New Craft Blog

So I have moved on from my college witchcraft to my present-time peach-craft :D 

I have been working on a current order of brooches and hair ties (post about the finished brooches coming real soon) and I had to make tags for them. I had no idea what to write and Mico suggested that it is about time I actually make a separate page for my hand-crafted things. And so, I did :D You can visit it by clicking on the "Handicraft" tab above, although you will find nothing for now except an avalanche of beads and sequins in the background since there are hardly any posts yet. You can, however, go directly to the first and only post as of the moment, which welcomes you to the blog, by clicking HERE. Just wait for it to load completely so you can see the second image fully :) Eventually I shall upload more of my handiwork the same way I did for my art in my art blog :) 

Check out the first post in the new craft blog: Welcome to the Place of Peachcraft

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